Sildigra is a reversible PDE-5 inhibitor. The preparation works by improving the quality of the erection as well as helping patients who cannot achieve an erection to have a normal sexual intercourse. The difference between Sildigra and Sildigra super active consists in the form of the preparation. Sildigra manufactured by RSM Enterprises is available under commercial name Sildigra. Sildigra is erectile dysfunction medication that contains Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of well-known ED drug Viagra made by Pfizer. Sildenafil citrate is used at violation of erection of different etiology (organic, psychogenicand mixed), impotence. For treatment of pulmonary is hypertension.
Mechanism of action of Sildenafil: preparation increases the amount of blood entering penis. It helps a man to cause natural erection. Sildenafil operates only then, when a man feels natural sexual excitation, and when sexual intercourse is complete, a penis in natural way goes back into the relaxed state. In other words, Sildenafil operates only on the natural mechanisms of origin of erection. Possible side effects: headache, �waves� of blood to the person, dizziness, dyspepsia, stuffiness in a nose, paropsis(discoloration of objects (blue or green), increased perception of light, violation of clearness of sight). As Sildigra contains the same active ingredient as brand Viagra has, it possesses the same therapeutic effect, activity, indications and side effects. Paying attention to the health of men is no less important, what to the health of women and children. It affects not only on duration and quality of life of men but also on quality of their sexual life. The problems of erectile disfunction do not threaten to life, but they also are not second-rate. As a sexual health is very important part of life druggists already a long ago worked out the effective and safe method of treatment by means of the special preparations.
The internet offers shops preparations for the improvement of masculine force. These preparations for the increase of potency are very popular in the whole world. The invention of preparations of levitra and viagra became one of panaceas of normalization of sexual life of many men, try to buy Sildigra and feel changes to the best. Diagnosis impotence or erectile disfunction no longer will sound as a sentence. Unfortunately, lately from costliness of production considerably prices grew on medicinal preparations. And though pills of Sildigra, buying preparations is possible in every pharmacy, each has possibility to purchase them.

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Sildigra it already acquainted to you preparation Viagra, produced as gelatinous capsules, that accelerates beginning of action of preparation, after swallowing. Preparation is produced by the Indian plant of Dharam Distributors. Generic Viagra provides the increased inflow of blood in privy part, not giving to her to surge back in most unsuitable moment. Sildigra it is the improved preparation for treatment of violations of potency for men. Dapoxetine is going to help a man be able to maintain that erection for a longer period of time. Some men have no problem getting an erection but premature ejaculation is a concern for them.
Erection is a difficult process that takes place as a result of changes in muscles and blood vessels of penis. As a result of long-term searches of medicine against erectile disfunction, it was found most effective - Sildigra. However preparation only helps to recover the broken function of organism, beginning to operate only as a result of offensive of sexual excitation. At a failure to observe of rules of the use of preparation some side effects can come as vomitive reflex, headaches, unpleasant sickly feeling in area of breast or stomach. Sight can become worse in rare cases. But if absolutely to follow instruction is thing come right. Attentively will be study contra-indications to the reception. If in your organism there are violations of correct work of buds, liver or heart, and also at presence of for you chronic diseases and allergy on the ingredients contained in Viagra Software, application of preparation is strictly forbidden. Unlike other versions of sildenafil, Sildigra is produced as capsules covered by gelatin. Other forms are produced as pills. The capsules of Sildigra dissolve almost right after a reception that allows to the active ingredients to be taken in blood much quicker. Really are more serious side effects, such as: stethalgia, irregular palpitation, allergic reactions on the active component of sildenafil. If you test any of these symptoms - will stop the reception of Viagra and immediately will visit a doctor.
Preparation of Sildigra effective at any forms of erectile dysfunction is repeatedly confirmed in clinical tests. Fully identical to brand Viagra composition of Sildigra guarantees analogical efficiency of preparation. Sildenafil can help a man to get an erection due to opening up the blood vessels. Then more blood will flow into the penis. This is what allows a male to get an erection. Yet that is only part of the process.

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Sildigra 25 mg it is not recommended to combine with an alcohol. Time of eating the effect of action of preparation does not depend and does not diminish. Preparation is effective at any forms of sexual disfunction that is repeatedly confirmed in clinical tests. Fully identical to brand Viagra composition of Sildigra guarantees analogical efficiency of preparation. The mechanism of action of preparation provides minimum probability of side effects. Sildigra 25 mg perfectly carried by patients does not influence on a genital function, hormonal background and activity of spermatozoa.
Sildigra 25mg it is the improved form of producing of famous Viagra. Effectiveness of Sildenafil is tested by time and experience of millions of men all over the world, and the new gelatinous shell of capsules allows to obtain rapid resolution and penetration of active substance in blood, and, and accelerations of offensive of effect. An optimal dosage is determined by a doctor individually for every patient. A standard dose on one reception is equal to a 1 capsule are 100 mgs. To accept no more than 1 time per days. It is not recommended to exceed the indicated dose. An effect arises up only at sexual stimulation. Co-operating with other medications is Consultation of doctor in case of reception of Sildigra 25mg with other preparations is obligatory. Ketakonazol and intrakonazol promote the concentration of preparation in plasma of blood. An erythromysin slows the leadingout of Sildenafil from an organism.
The reception of foregoing preparations is possible only in 7-8 hours after the reception of Sildigra 25mg. The reception of Viagra is potentially dangerous for life in capsules with peroral hypoglycemia facilities. Combination of preparation is forbidden with the donors of nitric oxide, nitrates, beta-blockers and blockers of calcium channels is probability of falling to the terminal subzero numbers.Today preparation of Sildigra gives remarkable possibility to improve the sexual life to all men. On sale there is similar on the mechanism of action, but different an active substance preparation of Tadasip, that operates to 36 hours. Preparation is effective at dysfunction of any genesis, including psychogenic forms. Application of Sildigra is shown at the functional disorders of erection, caused by a chronic tiredness, stress factors, pernicious habits, and also weakening of masculine force. Preparation is taken 15-25 minutes prior to the supposed sexual contact. The effect of action of Sildigra, like the effect of action of Viagra, consists in the origin of natural erection, and the action of preparation begins only in case of natural sexual excitation.