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The product of Intimax assists the removal of problems of woman sterility, renewal of hormonal balance of women, renewal of vital tone and domestic prosperity actively. Dream of many men is to have high potency. Good sexual ability renders positive influence on other spheres of life; weak potency becomes reason of internal uncertainty often, complex of inferiority and fear to appear helpless.Complex for the removal is disorders of erection, prophylaxis of adenoma of prostate gland. Intimax is intended for stimulation to sexual activity and endurance of men with erectile disfunction of prostate gland (adenoma), weakening and violation of potency, premature and also assists prevention of other sexual problems, including impotence. Advantage of complex it is the prolonged effect, absence of stimulators and hormones, there is not dependence. The capsules of Intimax promote potency softly and on the protracted term.
Approximately in 15% cases reason of woman sterility can be not found out. Reasons of both primary and secondary sterility can be anomalies of development of muliebrias at that the offensive of pregnancy or valuable sexual intercourse is impossible. The inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis can result in sterility. Adenoma of prostate gland is one of the most frequent diseases of men of middle and elderly age, being the consequence. Differential diagnosis of adenoma is prostate gland. The adenoma of prostate gland on clinical displays is similar with other diseases, defiat urination (cancer of prostate gland, sclerosis of neck of urinary bladder, neurogenic urinary bladder etc.).
First stage of adenoma is prostate gland. In first of the stage of adenoma of gland the speeded up urges appear on urination, especially in a night-time, with some difficulty and languid stream of urine.
The functional state of buds usually is not broken. Second the stage of adenoma is prostate gland. In second of the stage of adenoma of prostate gland, besides the indicated symptoms, sense of the incomplete emptying of urinary bladder is marked. Urges to urination are speeded up in the day and night. Often in a morning clock patients have to urinate in 2-3 receptions. The signs of parafunction of buds (dryness in to the mouth, enhanceable thirst etc.) develop in connection with the presence of remaining urine. Third the stage of adenoma of prostate gland Third the stage of adenoma of prostate gland is characterized by next clinical presentation - expressed chronic kidney insufficiency and uroschesis that begins to be involuntarily distinguished on drops. In default of adequate therapy patients die from uremia.