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As it is impossible to enter the member into a vagina and to execute friction without installation, a problem of restoration of installations is advance among all complaints to sexual disorders of function. Installation depends not only under condition of anatomic and physiological structures (the back centers of installation and the vascular device of the member), but also and on stability of very jet and functionally vulnerable components of higher category - nervous, endocrine and intellectual. It is possible to influence installation also artificially, for example with Savitra. If the person is the moment of physical installations of umensheniye of proximity in most cases is result of the difficult processes connected with reflected and vegetative service of the sexual sphere. Very often these mechanisms are broken, if the person is extremely concerned their sexual abilities, it has a psychological settlement of the performer. If it occurs several times in a roll, it is better to use Savitra or other drugs for a potentiality. It is better to prevent disorder development with a preparation as Savitra, than to cure consequences.
The more the person "tries" to make impression; the worst teams apparently have no control any sexual display, independent in the nature, and occur only in natural state. Restoration capable to become straight surely means normalization of hemodynamic of mechanisms of installation. It includes the increased blood-groove in capable to become straight a fabric because of an active relaxation of fibers of smooth muscles of the cavernosum case of the member, detention, and limit outflow of the received blood, stabilization of development of installation when the increased levels of inflow and blood outflow because of a passive extent of veins. In general, restoration of installation should be directed to removal of vascular insufficiency which can occur for several reasons: changes in atherosclerotic damages in blood vessels at diabetes (the reduced potentiality can be an early symptom of the latent diabetes when levels of glucose of blood raise, taking carbohydrates food: candy store products, paste, ravioli, etc.), shortage of venous valves of the member, as manifestation of varicose veins, spasms of arteries at a hypertension and as a result various emotional pressure.
Promote development of vascular insufficiency of installation, factors, such as sedentary work and a sedentary life, poor food (shortage of vitamins and minerals), smoking and alcohol consumption (cause various disorders of neurohormonal of regulation and installation service). As it is noted above, restoration of installation should be directed to various components of this process: blood-groove normalization in vessels of the member, supporting optimum volume and a blood pressure which depends not only under condition of blood vessels directly, but also and difficult regulation of this process. Use of a preparation of Savitra to restore installation guarantees you efficiency.