Buy Malegra

Malegra operates only on the natural mechanisms of origin of erection and effective at sexual excitation. Preparation is absolutely safe at the observance of all recommendations on application. Does not influence on a genital function is on the state of spermatozoa, on the level of orchidic hormone and general hormonal background. The good bearableness is well-proven clinically. If now you are yet young and full life-breaths, it is not needed to hurry to think of impotence. Malegra it is a cocktail from two component active components: sildenafil citrate that, actually, and there is Viagra, and second is dupoxetin. Unlike Malegra DXT, the pill of Malegra FXT together with Sildenafil contains 60 mgs of Fluoxetin, also actively used for treatment of premature. One pill of Malegra FXT is swallowed inward 30-40 minutes prior to a sexual closeness, what reminds by the reception of Cialis without depending on the accepted food. Sildenafil is taken in during 20-30 minutes, Fluoxetin during 30-40 minutes; however the best effect is arrived at in 60 minutes after a reception. Remember that Malegra does not cause erection, and helps only to attain her or support some time.
For work of preparation sexual excitation is needed. It is carefully necessary to be to the man with blood LP, at the reception of Malegra jointly with other medications, containing nitrates or alpha-blockers, it goes down yet more. You need to remember that the pills of Malegra do not cause erection, and only assist her maintenance necessary time. In order that preparation began to operate sexual stimulation is required. The use of Malegra jointly with other preparations can result in the decline of piesis or can cause other side effects. Remember that you are not necessary to exceed a dosage; it can result only in strengthening of side effects. To keep Malegra is in a childproof place, at a room temperature from 15 to 30 degrees. Do not use medicine after expiration of term of fitness. Expiration date is named the on every packing, use-by date 3 from the date of making and will differ from party to party depending on that, when they were made. Fluoxetin strengthens the action of ethanol, Diazepamum, promotes the concentration of antidepressants. The simultaneous reception of Malegra is not recommended with preparations, oppressive, containing lithium, Phenytoinum or tryptophane.
Efficiency of Malegra is confirmed by clinical tests in the age-related group 84 from 18 to. High efficiency is well-proven for patients, suffering erectile disfunction and premature of any nature and degree of weight.